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The South African credit industry is such a complex and agile environment, that it can be challenging to keep up with all the compliance requirements placed on credit providers and debt counsellors alike.


As an experienced Attorney and credit industry specialist, I am well versed in the current challenges faced by all registrants, and have a proven track record of assisting credit providers, debt counsellors, industry organisations and regulators to navigate the changes and pitfalls within the industry.


In addition, I am associated with the Business Skill Institute  (BSI) by providing potential debt counsellors with training in terms of the NCR debt counselling course, as well as training to credit providers and their staff on the basic principles of credit, debt counselling and reckless lending.


As a business risk management expert, I further provide independent, and confidential internal audit services to registrants to advice on overall risk maturity on all the aspects of the National Credit Act.


I further offer bespoke solutions for any credit, collections or legislative challenge you might experience in your business. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch by booking a consultation on the website to achieve immediate results.

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Pre-Legal Debt Collections Programme

Over the last six months, we have been working on fresh perimeters for our independent values associated with the logistical regression model we employ for our pre-legal debt collections programme. With the model now adjusted for the increased cost of living, rising interest rates and negative economic outlook over the mid-term, we can now bring this solution to you!

This programme has the objective to increase your doubtful debt recoveries internally, whilst retaining the client for future business and minimizing operational cost of collections.

The strategic focus is to segment the doubtful debt accounts by behavior and demographic, collection age and stage, as well as likely recovery method. This enable the best channel identification for each segmentation tailored to fit into your Daily Activity Limits.


Book a free online consultation with us and let us show you how easy and cost effective our programme can work for your business. 

Micro-Lender Business Excellence Assurance Programme (BEAP)

Our Business Excellence Assurance Programme (BEAP) for Micro Lenders was developed over three years and is designed to mirror compliance monitoring done by the National Credit Regulator on both the credit provider compliance and debt review aspects of the National Credit Act.


This independent internal audit will provide the Micro Lender with a full view of the aspects of their business that is at risk of being non-compliant. The audit findings and recommendations are to the point and easy to understand. 

The fee is branch based and various options of onsite, desktop or hybrid is available, depending on the budget and size of the Micro Lender. 

Due to the intensity of the programme, bookings are limited for this service. 


Prevention is better than cure. Contact us today for your free one hour consultation.

Expert consulting to the credit industry

With fifteen years experience in the credit industry, we are the market leader in expert consulting to the South African credit industry.


Our fields of expertise include risk and compliance, reckless lending, operational design and efficiency, change management, sustainability management and business productivity.


We understand every aspect of the National Credit Act and related legislation and the impact and implications thereof on your business. Because of this, we are the preferred consultancy to industry leaders and decision makers. 

The fees for this service is hourly based and experience show that a first consultation normally does not exceed two hours. If a project solution is required, the fee will be based on a total project fee.  

Let us solve your biggest problem for you! 

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